Holding on, painting by Kat Holst

Between stylings and photo shoots for customers, I´m spending time in my aterlier, swinging my brushes. I love that I can vary my work and do all the different things that I love to do.

Here you see my latest painting , 1000x1000mm featured in our bedroom and living room. It´s now available for sale over at byninaholst.com. If you´d like to follow my artwork, it´s possible to follow me on my other Instagram account
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Holding on

Jotun Lady launched their last week and once again they have manage to come up with the most beautiful collection. Calm and delicate colors that make my eyes and soul sing. Let me share some of my favorites with you!

I actually like all the colors in the new chart “Identity”, but these nine are my favorites. (I guess it doesn´t come as a surprise as they are grey and beige..haha)
I already have in a few rooms downstairs. It´s a lovely varm grey that I absolutely can recommend.

Here you see photos of some of the colors on the wall..

Vegg: LADY Minerals . Hylle: LADY Supreme Finish Matt 12075 Soothing Beige.

LADY Pure Color

Lady Supreme Finish 80, 1.

LADY Pure Color .

LADY Supreme Finish

Beautiful colors right?
Don´t miss out  the rest of the colors! Check them all out .


Photo nr.1 + colors: Kat Holst
Photo 2-4: Jotun Lady, photographer Line Thit Klein, stylists Jannicke Kråkvik and Alessandro D´Orazio.



What a dream home!

The well known Swedish businesswoman and blogger recently shared photos of her new house, and I have to share this fabulous house with you, in case you haven´t seen it yet. It´s so inspiring!

The 352 m2 house located in Lidingö, Sweden is such a dream home! The architecture and the beautiful use of materials is right up my alley, and I could easily move right in.

What a dream home!

I love the use of wood in the kitchen. When you have an open, minimalistic house with a lot of white and grey, it´s important to have wooden materials to add warmth as they have done here. Notice that they have the same type of wood in the living room, bathroom and walk-in closet as well..

What a dream home!

Personally, I would go for a concrete floor instead of the tiles, and replaced the rug with a wooden flooring. But I like that the main living room is a level down from the rest of the 1st floor. And I love the customized wooden walls, stairs, wardrobe and shelving in the beautiful brown wood. The fireplace is nice too – a smart way to divide a room in different zones.

What a dream home!

What a dream home!

The walk-in closet in this house is a dream of its own! Wouldn´t it be nice to have a room like this? Notice the big window that allows you to look down into the living room while you get dressed – so cool! (Maybe not so practical if you have guests though… haha ).

Walk in closet

One out of three bathrooms that´s in the house. In materials that´s matching the rest of the house.

What a dream home!

The house looks beautiful on the outside as well. The brown wooden panel in the same color as they have used inside makes the house complete. A few more plants on the terrace and it would be perfect : ) I know Isabella is planning to build a pool and a pool house as well when she moves in, so I´m sure it will be great!

What do you like about the house?

You can see more of the house if you want to.

What a dream home!
Photos: Fastighetsbyrån Gadelius


Bli med på eksklusiv presselansering hos Nordpeis


Har du en blogg/konto og ønsker inspirasjon og påfyll før høsten melder sin adkomst? Nå får du muligheten til å delta på en eksklusiv produktlansering som arrangerer. 18 September fra kl. 11-13 vil det bli faglig påfyll med inspirasjonsforedrag med selveste og inspirerende interiørstyling av Kine som står bak bloggen I tillegg vil det være en visning av Nordpeis sine nye, unike produkter som jeg tror du kommer til å elske! Det blir servert tapas og forfriskninger, og alle får med seg en goodie bag hjem. Alt tilrettelagt for en hyggelig inspirasjonsdag!

Jeg kommer selvsagt på denne spennende presselanseringen selv, og gleder meg veldig til å bli inspirert, samt møte fine folk! Håper å se deg der også : )

Du kan lese mer om arrangementet og hvordan du melder deg på

NB: Dette arrangement er for deg som har en blogg eller Instagram-profil.

Bli med på eksklusiv presselansering hos Nordpeis

Bli med på eksklusiv presselansering hos Nordpeis
Photos: Nordpeis


Our storage room downstairs has been a mess ever since we moved in 4 years ago. The room was a typical unrenovated basement room, with a concrete floor and unpainted walls and only a few ugly shelves that made it impossible to make it organized and nice in there.

But finally this has now changed! After renovating the surfaces and getting the this summer, we now have the most organized and practical room I have ever had! With the good help from Elfa the system got designed to fit perfectly our needs and stuff we have. Suddenly we have a place for everything – and we are able to find it when we need it. On top of that I must say that it looks good!

The room itself is quite big, so in order to keep things organized and to be able to separate clothing from other kinds of things, we divided the room by putting up sliding doors in front of the storage systems. We now have one room for basic storage stuff and one as a little walk-in closet for shoes, jackets and clothes that is not for the current season. In the middle we have an empty room that we haven´t quite decided on what we are going to use it for . It´s unbelievable that we suddenly have all this empty space left after storing all the stuff that used to fill the whole room…! This proves how much a good storage system can give you of extra space, I guess : )

How cool are these Elfa sliding doors? I love them!

As an aesthetist, I wanted to create a tidy look behind the sliding doors, so I bought a lot of white boxes in different sizes to make a clean and calm palette. Each box has different content, so I can easily find what I´m looking for. In the drawers I have for example small boxes for batteries, light bulbs, tools, decorations etc. Transparent boxes is probably more practical if you want to see what´s inside, but they will make it look more messy. Therefore I went with the white cardboard ones, and this way I can hide all the “not so pretty stuff”  in pretty boxes.


On the other side of the room we now have a little walk-in closet. Finally, I have a place for all my shoes so I can see them. Oh joy! It´s also room for extra jackets that we don´t have room for in our hallway or that are for another season. In all the drawers we have lots of space for winter and sport clothes too. So much more practical than storing it in the plastic boxes that we used to..

Our walk-in closet without the doors so you can see the Elfa system.

We have the same sliding doors in front of the walk-in closet, so we can close it if we want.

Lastly, I have to say that one other thing I like about Elfa is that with their good design you can use their smart system as a part of the interior in many type of rooms, not only for the typical storage room.  I recommend you check out all of their different ways of good storage solutions on their – so inspiring!

I hope you got some tips and got inspired by our new storage solutions!

photos © Kat Holst